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Pebble Art Pictures from Cornwall

“Take a Memory of the Beach Home with you”

Pebble Art Pictures comes from years of creating unique pieces of pebble art work for friends and family. Using beautiful, natural, locally sourced materials from a Cornish Bay, I create hand crafted art pieces perfect for any home, ideal for a special gift. In 2015, Pebble Art Pictures was born.

I’m simply living my passion, putting together hand crafted, decorative pebble art that makes people smile. I aim to move people with my pebble art, provoke a positive emotional state, take them to a place and feel the scenery. My mission is to brighten up as many lives and rooms as I can around the world. Produced to a stunning standard, each piece is meticulously put together by hand with love and care.

My work has been sold worldwide, from local homes in Marazion, Cornwall to orders in Los Angeles, California. Excitingly my pebble art picture collection is constantly changing and increasing with a new bespoke option.

Pebble Art Pictures make a perfect gift for any occasion with no piece ever the same.  I hand select the pebbles from a local beach in Cornwall.  Every pebble is carefully selected to create the stunning scene, then crafted and framed.  Pebble Art Pictures is sharing my gift to the world.
Have a look at my pebble art shop and if you want a bespoke piece simply contact me directly via email and tell me what you like! I hope you enjoy my work and appreciate you visiting!  Remember each of my pebble art pictures are one off pieces, so we hope a piece of my pebble art moves you, and makes you take action to buy a piece

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